Universal Womb EP


Universal Womb EP

Our Universal Womb EP presents 30 minutes of sublime and heartwarming new music of prayers and sonic offerings. With silky, nurturing vocals, prayerful words & melodies encapsulated within transcendental soundscapes, this music is an expression of the deep and sincere journey of devotion, surrender, and remembrance of the path of service to all of Life. Created nearly 7 years ago, this long-awaited music is finally ready to be released into the world in this perfect moment, and we are honoured to share it with you.

Track listing and running times are:

1. Sacred Love - 7:35
2. Universal Womb (Inner Space Mix) - 10:17
3. Mother of Water - 6:52
4. Universal Womb (Outer Space Mix) - 5:43

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