Sound Healing


Sound and vibration are the fabric of the universe.

All life is sacred; breathed into being through the breath of life and intricately connected, as part of the whole. As a strand of the web of life, we each have our own original and unique vibration and purpose. When we are in tune with that original blueprint, our soul shines forth from our hearts as we vibrate and resonate harmoniously in sacred relationship with all of Creation.

Every one and every thing has its own optimum state of resonance and vibration, including the parts of our physical and energetic bodies. In order for the whole to be in harmony, each part must be tuned and resonating in alignment with its purpose and innate resonance. We see this when a finely tuned instrument plays a beautiful sound, in perfect tone. When all the parts that make up our bodies vibrate in harmony, there is health and luminosity - the sound or vibration of our system is in tune with its origin.




Every thought and emotion is also a vibration. Our experiences in life shape and  form us, and affect our ability to resonate with the essence of our soul as we are drawn towards either love and the energies of the Divine, or lower vibrations through our wounding, fears, conditioning and misperceptions.

When we are healthy, everything in our body vibrates in harmony or resonance. Dis-ease results when a part of our body begins to vibrate at a different rate, out of harmony with the rest. Fear is a vibrational state that creates a closing down and tension or dis-ease within our system. Healing is a process of bringing back into alignment that which has come out of balance with the natural harmonic flow and resonance; to raise our vibrational frequency towards a state of love and openness.


As we come back into resonance with our essence, there is a letting go and release of disharmonic tensions. We feel the resonance of the Soul.

“If one can focus one’s heart on music, it is just like heating something which was frozen. The heart comes to its natural condition, and the rhythm regulates the beating of the heart, which helps to restore health of body, mind and soul, and brings them to their proper tone. The joy of life depends upon the perfect tuning of mind and soul.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan



As we are made of vibration, and everything is vibrating, sound has a profound effect and influence upon us. It touches our emotions, our minds, our physical bodies and our hearts. Sound is vibration and we hear sound not only through our ears, but also through our bones, our skin, and every cell.

We can train ourselves to listen deeply through feeling vibration in our bodies.
Through feeling, we listen.
And in the listening, we feel.
In the feeling there is an opening of the energy body, connecting our energy, emotions and inner being.

In that being, the mind is no longer engaged.

We enter into the present space of the heart – the place where the soul shines.
It is our own profound ability to listen – to perceive, feel, grow, create and heal – that brings about profound effects, and awakens the soul.

As you listen to healing sounds and music, let yourself open.
Let the sounds wash through you.
Sound has a power that penetrates deep into the heart.
Open your heart and let go...