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Comprised of producer / composer / instrumentalist Ali Calderwood and Vocalist / Songwriter Lana Lanaia (Daniela Lanaia), Anima is an offering love to the Earth and all Her relations.

They are based in the Highlands of Scotland, where they write and produce Anima’s inspirational music, blending meditative and rich soundscapes, infused with deep ambience, ethereal, nurturing vocals, ancient tones, sacred sound and a variety of world instruments.

Anima live immersed in the wilds of our Mother Earth, and have been guided by deep connections with the land and original peoples in ancient ways of healing and remembrance. They live close with the land, and the music studio is powered by the sun and the pure waters that flow from the mountain.

Anima is a word found in various languages and cultures, and means soul, breath, air, life force and feminine spirit energy. It is this sacred energy of the Great Mother that inspires their work, and that radiates out as “the energy of unconditional healing and love” felt in their music.

Ali began producing music under the name Anima in 2004, releasing his debut album “Celestial Baptism”, and later, “Star Ancestory”. The same year, Ali and Lana met in Bath, Somerset and shared time in retreat in the mountains of Wales and Scotland. The following year while individually travelling in Mexico, they reconnected and began performing music together, and later while living in the Amazon of Peru and the Andes of Bolivia, recorded their first joint album “Lemuria Emerging”.

Anima have now released 15 titles, including the compilation album “Light” published by New World Music, and 2 compilation SACD's released in Japan.

Ali Calderwood

Ali works with the power of sound combined with ancient principles to expand awareness through healing and transformation. His work with the healing arts and music are focused upon the teaching and application of original living principles, still lived and practised within certain indigenous cultures today who have retained an untainted connection with the Sacred.

Ali was drawn to explore sound at an early age, and over the years, has developed his own unique style of award winning music that has gained international acclaim. The beauty and depth of his compositions immerse the listener in a world beyond time and space.

"Ali's music has an emotional eloquence which is both deeply touching and inspiring".

His musical work has been widely used to facilitate healing and the expansion of consciousness, and is frequently licensed for use in film and spoken word releases. Under the name of 'Anima', Ali has now released 13 albums, and Anima are one of the first artists in the New-Age/Healing genre of music to record in DSD. (A high resolution recording process that preserves the original, rich quality of the music) Recent notable commissions include two SA-CD's, released in Japan.

Ali's music is deeply inspired by the spiritual resonances and vibrations that are cultivated through living alignments with the deeper movements of life. His path has been one of continual refinement, focusing on the original and ancient ways of living, prioritising harmonious relationship with both the spiritual and physical realms around us. He spent many years alone in nature, often in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, vision questing to deepen the connection with the ancient ancestors who lived in right relationship with all of life, and knew the harmony of Creation.

Over the years Ali has travelled extensively, spending long periods living in different parts of the world with certain elders and indigenous peoples, who's ways of life and spiritual closeness to our Mother Earth were still very much connected. His journeys took him to Asia, India and South America, where during this time he received further training and initiations in indigenous healing traditions.

He has now found home in a remote location in the Scottish Highlands, off-grid, surrounded by forest and water, with access only by boat. He lives there with his partner, Jemma and their two little girls, Ariya and Aiyana. The Anima studio is also based there, powered by the renewable energy resources of water and sunlight.

Lana Lanaia


Lana Lanaia (Daniela Lanaia)

Lana lives in the Scottish Highlands and is a musician & sound healer known for her ‘crystalline voice’ and ‘music that infuses the heart’. She tends the earth, and creates healing spaces through her music & offerings.

In concert and through her online sound journeys, she offers a sacred space of healing and remembrance, and has performed along with Ali and independently at events throughout the UK, Europe and the Americas.

Lana’s inspiration flows from her deep love for the Earth; of wild landscapes, forests, mountains, rivers, oceans, sacred sites, and the stars. She has and continues to learn from indigenous wisdom and ancestral traditions, exploring how we may reawaken and heal our relationship with self, Nature and our starlight origins.

Along with Anima Sound Medicine, Lana shares Online Sound Healing Ceremonies, Women’s Journeys, Retreats, Courses and One to One sessions.

 For more of Lana's offerings and online Earth~Star Sound Journeys visit:  

In harmony with Nature

Anima reside in the West Highlands of Scotland, in a remote off-grid location. Power for recording their music is provided by Nature through renewable energy sources, and food is grown on the land in harmony with the natural rhythms and cycles. Anima has evolved to encompass a close-knit community of souls who have come together to work in service to the Great Mother, to honour the Earth and live in alignment with the original and sacred ways.

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