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"Deep and profound, the timeless music of Anima reaches into the heart and soul, enfolding the listener in a tender embrace of the sacred."

About Anima

Comprised of producer / composer / instrumentalist Ali Calderwood and Vocalist / Songwriter Daniela Lanaia, Anima is an offering love to the Earth and all Her relations. They are based in the Highlands of Scotland, where they write and produce Anima’s inspirational music, blending meditative and rich soundscapes, infused with deep ambience, ethereal, nurturing vocals, ancient tones, sacred sound and a variety of world instruments.

Ali and Daniela live immersed in the wilds of our Mother Earth, and have been guided by deep connections with the land and original peoples in ancient ways of healing and remembrance. They are the co-founders of the Sacred Living Earth Trust – a vision and sanctuary space dedicated to the protection and restoration of our sacred, living Earth.

Anima is a word found in various languages and cultures, and means soul, breath, air, life force and feminine spirit energy. It is this sacred energy of the Great Mother that inspires their work, and that radiates out as “the energy of unconditional healing and love” felt in their music.

Ali began producing music under the name Anima in 2004, releasing his debut album “Celestial Baptism”, and later, “Star Ancestory”. The same year, Ali and Daniela met in Bath, Somerset and shared time in retreat in the mountains of Wales and Scotland. The following year while individually travelling in Mexico, they reconnected and began performing music together, and later while living in the Amazon of Peru and the Andes of Bolivia, recorded their first joint album “Lemuria Emerging”.

Anima have now released 15 titles, including the compilation album “Light” published by New World Music, and 2 compilation SACD's released in Japan.

"The more I listen..the better it gets. There’s always some new element of beauty that reveals itself in the next listen. This music makes its way into your spirit, soothing and salving. Expect 'Anima' to rank high on New Age and healing music “Best Of” lists at the end of the year."

~ Hypnagogue

Ali Calderwood

Daniela Lanaia

In harmony with Nature

Anima reside in the West Highlands of Scotland, in a remote off-grid location. Power for recording their music is provided by Nature through renewable energy sources, and food is grown on the land in harmony with the natural rhythms and cycles. Anima has evolved to encompass a close-knit community of souls who have come together to work in service to the Great Mother, to honour the Earth and live in alignment with the original and sacred ways.

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