DSD & High Resolution Lossless Audio

DSD AudioAnima's more recent recordings (since 2014) are now available in a variety of new High Resolution Audio Formats.

In 2013 we had the opportunity to work in the high resolution audio format of DSD, and the results were fantastic. SA-CD audio is recorded and produced in DSD (Direct Stream Digital) format, which is 64 times more sonic definition of a typical CD. After experiencing our music in DSD there was no way to return to working at a lower resolution. The new recordings were sweeter sounding and organic, retaining the depth, warmth and spaciousness of the original projects as they were recorded through the studio desk.

Increasing the sonic bandwidth made available by the higher resolution, allows a broader spectrum of healing frequencies to be transmitted through the final mixes. We love being able to make our music available in this purer form; allowing our listeners to receive a clearer transmission from our compositions.

Please note: There are certain equipment requirements for some of these formats especially the DSD, DXD. The higher bit rate FLACs will can for the most part be played through new computers/laptops.