Sound Medicine - Extended Versions (MP3)


The extended versions of the individual tracks from Sound Medicine. Each track runs for around 40 minutes, providing an extended immersion into the sonic transmissions and frequencies of each solfeggio tone.

Perfect for meditation and deeper healing work. 

Sound Medicine by Anima contains deeply healing sonic soundscapes embedded with the ancient solfeggio frequencies; infused with sacred chants and prayers.. this album is a continuous instrumental sonic journey into the ancient solfeggio combine with an array of transformational instruments precisely attuned to enhance the healing effect. The music has been specially crafted and precisely tuned to transmit each of the solfeggio frequencies. The compositions contain an array of sacred instruments and sounds such as crystal bowls and didgeridoo and sacred chants, which work to further enhance the effects of the solfeggio tones.

These compositions move the boundaries of the New Age music genre into a whole new experiential realm. The tones each resonate to specific frequency that our original blueprint is composed of. Exposing ourselves to these frequencies helps to bring our bodies, cells and DNA back into balance.

Different parts of our bodies and organs all have specific frequencies of optimum resonance (perfect state of health), and therefore listening to these tones allows the body to absorb and remember (know) its original blueprint, moving it back towards its prefect state of alignment and resonance (health). Modern science is now beginning to recognise what the ancient mystics throughout time have been saying; that everything is in a constant state of vibration, and therefore everything that is vibrating has a sound (even if it's not audible).

Everything also has its own optimum rate of vibration, and this is called resonance. When we are in resonance, we are in balance and harmony with creation. Emotions and mental states also have their own optimum resonance and with the recognition that every organ, and every cell, absorbs and emits sound, we can, therefore, understand how specific sounds and frequencies can be used as powerful healing tools. This is how the ancient Solfeggio frequencies work and are why the Gregorian monks used this specific scale for chanting and healing.