Light of Aluna - All Formats

Running Time - 69min

Light of Aluna weaves together unique sonic tapestries containing combinations of frequencies that are designed to re-ignite the memory of our original connection to The Great Mother. The timing of this release has come about in an auspicious way, with perfect synchronicity that she's now ready to be released into the world just as we come to the zero point of the new galactic cycle on 21st December 2012.

These compositions are an offering to The Great Mother, asking for Her Blessings.. and a Prayer for all who receive these frequencies to find a way to deepen their connection with the pure essence of the origin of our souls.

May we as a people return to the ways of harmony and balance, finding the courage to take responsibility for all each of our actions and all that has brought us individually and collectively to where we are now. May we each come to understand that our return to full integration with our lost Divine Heritage as Daughters and Sons of The Mother is realised through our reconnection & re-alignment with Aluna.

We each have the power to choose to walk in beauty and peace – to care for and protect one and other and our Earth. Every thought, every word, every sound is a vibration that ripples out and echoes throughout the universe.

This music is our prayer; A ripple of love in the great ocean of Aluna.