Cordyceps Militaris Fruiting Body Extract Powder


Na'vi Organics Cordyceps Militaris are grown on organic wood chip substrates, free from GMO's and grains. Only the fruiting bodies are used, extracted and processed in line with the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. A special temperature controlled extraction is used to perfectly suit the mushroom's characteristics, ensuring all the naturally occurring and most valuable components are captured within the extract, to mirror the composition of the living mushroom, producing a 100% pure fruiting body full-spectrum powder.

All Na'vi Organics tonic herbs are supplied in dark glass containers and are absolutely free of any additives and fillers, synthetic ingredients, preservatives, flours and other bulking agents, gmo’s, dairy and gluten, and each powder is thoroughly tested for heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants - a certificate of analysis is available upon request for each herbal extract.


  • 10:1 Full Spectrum Extract of Cordyceps Militaris
    100% Pure Fruiting Body Extract Powder

No added fillers or preservatives
Product of China
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1/2 teaspoon with warm water, or added to your favourite tea, smoothie or beverage of choice. Can also be sprinkled on salad, or hot foods.