Our retreats are an immersion into Nature, sacred sites, ancient ways and sound. We journey through inner and outer landscapes; emptying, so that that we may listen and attune with the wisdom within, and the wisdom within the earth.
We journey with the Celtic medicine wheel, exploring our origins, our relationships with the sacredness of nature and the elements that sustain us. We are nurtured by the beauty all around us, walk upon wild lands, attune with ancient sacred sites, and work with breath, body, sound, ceremony and healing herbs  
“We are part of the Earth, and She is part of us” . We are all children of Mother Earth, and connected to all of life. As humanity, we have co-created our world, and if we recognise the world as a mirror, we come to see that there is much work for us each to do to restore the beauty and harmony, by healing from within.
Our intention in offering these retreats is to create a space where we may attune, bring healing to, and deepen our connection with self, nature and all our relations. So that we may dream and weave the new world that our hearts know is possible.

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