Our work is lovingly dedicated to the protection and healing of our precious Mother Earth and all who dwell upon her.

May the waters be pure both upon the Eath and within our bodies, may we purify our minds and hearts, and radiate the light of the Essence of our souls..
May we know our true place within the Divine symphony of ever unfolding Majesty and Light.

For those who feel the call in their hearts, Ali and Daniela offer sessions and in depth work in the healing arts including:

- Shamanic Healing
- Heart and Soul Healing
- Bodywork
- Yoga
- Meditation
- Detoxification and cleansing
- Sacred Sound Healing
- Mentoring and personal guidance
- In depth retreats working with the land and sacred energies
- Retreats and workshops in Yoga, Healing and Detoxifictaion
- Sound Healing Concerts

Sessions are available in person and healing work/mentoring, also via phone/Skype

For more information please visit www.alunahealing.co.uk